What happened in the meantime

So, it’s actually been some time that I have been active on this blog. Hmm, well a couple of things took place and in addition, I actually wasn’t satisfied with the blog. I didn’t see where this was heading to and just wasn’t happy with it. It wasn’t my focus either. Oh, that doesn’t mean that I don’t give a shit about plastic and co, but to write about it, just wasn’t so important to me.

Right now I am in the lucky position to learn something very new to me and I do have a vision where this blog is heading to. But until I am ready to realize that, it will be quiet here. I sometimes post on facebook and instagram as Anja_alldaysaregreen. If you want, just follow me there in the meantime.

Have a wonderful pre-Xmas time – relax, take it easy and take time for what is important to you and just enjoy that.

Much love,

until next year.