Win a coffee cup from

The Deutsche Umwelthilfe counted that every year more than 2,8 billions of coffee-to-go cups  are thrown away. It is great that this topic is constantly mentioned by the media. Maybe people will change their mind sometime.

And because I do want to support you by stopping to use these coffee-to-go cups, you can now win this beautiful cup from

All you need to do is like and/or comment the post on Facebook.


The Facebook raffle starts on Nov. 21st, and ends on Nov. 25th, 2016. 1 coffee cup will be raffled.

  1. Participation takes place via a Like and/or a comment about the lottery post. (Facebook). More comments will be assessed as one single participation.
  2. Comments that violate the Facebook guidelines, german legislative or Copyright, will be removed and excluded from the participation of the lottery.
  3. Participate can persons from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  4. The winners will be randomly identified within 3 days after lottery end.
  5. The winners will be informed via Facebook comment function. Each winner needs to contact within 5 business days or via sending a private message to the Alldaysaregreen-Facebook site – sending the private adress details. If a winner doesn’t contact alldaysaregreen within this period, a new winner will be identified.
  6. All  Facebook names of the participants will be registered and saved for the identification of the winners. All details will be deleted within 30 days after the end of the lottery. Adress details will be identified of the winners only and only be used for the shipment of the lottery prize. No data will be given to 3rd parties. The participants are entitled to legal right to information, right to change and right to disclaimer.
  7. Disclaimer: This raffle is not related to Facebook. Underaged persons are excluded from the participation.
  8. The jurisdiction of court is excluded.