An Ode to Friendship


October was great – I got to spend 2 out of 4 weekends with my sisters and girlfriends.Both weekends were planned more than 6 months ahead, because we all live in different cities and one of us always needs to take the plane. But we do manage to organize these kind of weekends regularly – with my sisters as well as with my girlfriends. And this is so important for me. Because these lovely friends know me so well and I can be just myself. We always have a lot to discuss and we laugh a lot, drink, eat and walk forever 🙂 We just enjoy being together! And I am just so thankful that all of us try to see each other and spend time together – even though we don’t live close.  


At one of these weekends I was with my sisters in Berlin. We walked through Prenzlauer Berg and went to this small little shop at Pappelallee. Of course, I am always looking for new sustainable possibilities and I have indeed found one very specific in this little shop:

Solwang Design

Solwang Design is a Danish company, producing cloths made of cotton yarn. The idea comes from the owner’s grandmother who knitted these cloths many many years ago. These cloths don’t only look very nice, but are durable and effective as well.

Dorte von Solwang DesignI contacted Dorte, the owner, and she told me her story: 40-50 years ago her grandmother knitted cloths out of cotton yarn residues. This was very practical by then because the yarn residues were further used. Very little didn’t come to use in the household. The color was of course dependent on the yarn – it wasn’t the time for special colors, referring to the kitchen colors by example. This luxury came a little later and then Dorte’s grandmother knitted the clothes and colors for the family that actually fit into the kitchens. When grandmother died, there was no one who would knit these cloths. But Dorte could not find dish clothes that were just as effective and functional as these knitted ones.

So then Dorte started. She bought yarn and needles and started to knit herself. For 13 years she knitted for her own needs. For special occasions she knitted as well for friends and family – and the cloths were always popular. And were written on the wish-list every year again. So Dorte came up with the idea to start her own production of grandmother’s cloths. Today the cloths are made with a knitting machine, but the final finish is still handmade. The cloths stand out by there durability, absorbency and high efficiency. And look great indeed!:

You can buy these cloths in this little shop at Pappelallee 🙂

Die Tücher von Solwang Design

Picture Credits: Solwang Design