Product of the month: Little Sun – charge with solar energy

A Berlin-based start up. A high-effizient charger. An integrated LED-light. AND solar power. 

Little Sun Charge

Credits: Little Sun

I am speaking of Little Sun Charge, a highly efficient charger with integrated LED-light that charges smart phones fast and reliably with solar power.

Well, who doesn’t know the following situation – you are in the middle of nowhere, expecting a call, your phone charger is getting closer to the 15%-level and there is no power outlet…. There is a solution: The  Social Business Little Sun launched a solar charger, with a highly productive battery, a charge display and a suspender with a carabiner. This Power Pack charges not only Smartphones, but as well other small elecontrics such as MP3 Player, GoPros and Tablets. Furthermore this high-tech product integrates an LED-light with a capacity of up to 150 hours – thanks to its dimming ability. And you can use it as a table lamp if you buy the additional stand. Little Sun Charge is weather- and UV- resistent, easy to attach to your back pack or tent in order to catch some rays.

Little Sun wants to bring affordable, healthy, safe as well as socially and ecologically sustainable energy to regions without electrical power supply and motivate people all over the world for sustainable energy resources. 

Little Sun Charge

Credits: Little Sun

Little Sun Charge is supposed to be used mainly for regions without electrical power supply –
talking about 1.1 billion people. In these regions mobile phones are mostly the only way to communicate with family members, institutions or doctors or transfer money. Very often charging stations are rare, far away and expensive.

In addition people use oil lamps as light source which vapors are dangerous and unhealthy. As Little Sun Charge works as well as light with its integrated LED-light as a eg. table lamp, it is a great alternative.

The Founders of Little Sun – Credits: Little Sun

The artist Olafur Eliasson and the engineer Frederik Ottesen have already developed the LED-Solar light Little Sun Original and launched 2012. Little Sun Charge is their second project.


With direct solar radiation Little Sun Charge is charged within 10 hours. Depending

Little Sun Charge

Credits: Little Sun

on the
charging capacity of the device you can charge 2 Smartphones or more with it. But the charger can as well be used in any weather situation and as well be charged with USB at the computer.  In the evening hours the device can be used as light source as well. When fully charged, the Charge can work 14 hours at the lightest mode, 45 hours at medium mode and 150 hours at the lowest mode. The Little Sun Charge is compatible with all mobile phones and cameras. It is about the size of a CD case, and with 324 grams light enough to carry it everywhere.


Together with the South-African Non-Profit Organisation Santa Shoebox 2.500 solar lamps will be brought to children in Namibia and South Africa who can read and play with the help of this little sun. From Nov. 1st until Dec. 24th you can buy symbolic Little Suns on for the reduced prize of 12 instead of 22 Euros in order to support this project. These Little Sun Charges will then be delivered to Santa Shoebox who will provide the kids with the Little Suns. So please, help and support.