6 simple ways to reduce waste

A couple of weeks ago I was in Spain with my family – autumn vacation. After living there for about 3 years, I feel quite attached to this country – with its beautiful landscape, the food, the wine… there is hardly anything better than being at the sea, watching the water and listening to the sound of the sea.  I do need this at regular intervals – it is so pleasant for my soul. But back to our vacation: we had great weather, there was apocalypse mood only on 2 days due to heavy storms. It rained like crazy – but the day after we went back to the beach and it really didn’t look great: plastic bottles and big styrofoam pieces were there. It was definitely not a nice view and it hurts my heart to see what we are throwing into the sea. So therefore I am pleading:

Try to reduce waste. Take care for our environment and think about the consequences of your acts.  

Basically it means to live conscious and with a few single tipps each of us can change life:

  1. Repair instead of throwing away: small holes can be darned. Bigger holes can be repaired in a stylish and creative way. Shoe soles can be repaired by the shoemaker. Most household aids can be repaired – search for a repair-cafe in your hood. In Braunschweig we have a Repair-Cafe for Smart Phones, organised by Greenpeace Braunschweig Nov 12th.2016  http://www.braunschweig.greenpeace.de/event/repair-cafe-fuer-smartphones
  2. Replace plastic wrap by Bee’s Wrap. It is reusable and bio-degradable.
  3. Cleaning towels: I use old dish clothes for cleaning or use an old T-Shirt.
  4. Drink Bottles: My Kleankanteen – bottle is my daily companion. I don’t need to buy a plastic bottle this way, just need to refill the bottle.
  5. Coffee Cups: There are nowadays so many alternatives to plastic cups. So bring your own Coffee Cup to Go when leaving the house. The cups made of bamboo are especially lightweight.
  6. Shopping Bags: Have you seen my article about making your own shopping bag? Well you don’t need to sew your own bag, you can get them basically everywhere. So just leave one in your purse or close to your door so that you find the bag easily and don’t need to buy plastic bags.

These are 6 very easy tipps how to reduce waste. It is more or less just about thinking in advance. This is not about reinventing the wheel. It is about conscious living.