Sustainability, Yoga and me

After our vacation in July I thought that I was actually quite relaxed, but the last couple of days I was not quite in balance, thinking a lot about future and somehow I was a bit stuck in a grey mood as the weather was as well. I missed the sun and real summer and as well my ease. Normally I am a quite optimistic person but I was somehow in a quite neutral status. What helped me then was practicing yoga.

About 10 years ago I started with yoga – actually, with Bikram Yoga, known as Hot Yoga. But then I wanted more than just this fitness yoga version in a hot room. I wanted to know more about Yoga, about its philosophy, its effects.

So I was quite lucky to meet this great Yoga teacher at a yoga and surf holiday – she could just communicate great messages in her classes and so I went on and on – inspired by many great teachers and human beings who deal with yoga and pass their experiences on to the community. By now, Yoga is quite a fixed part of my life.

For two years now I have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga – actually, it was always a bit fishy to me – I thought I would need more change in Yoga and I just heard dubious things about Ashtanga yogis 🙂 But I have been practising Ashtanga now in a fantastic place in Braunschweig (check out Solis Yoga) and I am practising this at home as well. The continuity of the same series helps me to calm my mind, concentrate at the very moment and let go of “mind-fucking” thoughts. And this is what I’ll be doing after I have written this post 😉

Where is the connection to sustainability? Oh it is there, believe me. Yogis are observant people, treating their environment well and act responsible…. no, not all, but many I know do 🙂 and there are great Yoga labels who produce sustainable Yoga products. I just like that a lot and so I leave this sports industry who offers so much style but doesn’t care about life much behind me.

Find below labels that are producing sustainable. Support them when you need to buy something. Oh and by the way, sports clothes are sports clothes – I am very positive that running in yoga clothes is quite all right 🙂

Hey Honey – Janka and Imke: Two sisters who founded their own Yoga and Activewear Label, Hey Honey. This label mirrors the experiences of both sisters: tropical joy of life from Bali, the colors of India and the “laid-back” Surfer-Lifestyle and “athleisure”-Trend from California. A fair and environmental-friendly production in Europa goes without saying  and all their products are being produced in Turkey.  Each Hey Honey article is certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and Chlorid- and Salt water tested. The packaging is FSC tested – no plastic and a 100%-recycling product.  DHL GoGreen takes care of a climate-neutral delivery and all materials are being produced without animal products.

MANDALA stands for mindful treatment of the human being, the assortment and the environment. With a big love for details Mandala offers fair-produced fashion. They are indeed one of the Eco pioneers on the German market – with a sustainable and certified textile production – according to GOTS and TEXTILE EXCHANGE guidelines. With the sales of all products of the MANDALA collection they support independent family-owned companies and local manufacturers in Turkey, China and India.

Magadi Yoga Clothes are sustainable and environmental-friendly produced and stand for conserving resources and ecological Made in Germany. Respectful treatment for human beings and nature is their mission. Transparent production processes are a Must for them. All pants are being produced in Germany and don’t need to be transported through the whole world.

OGNX – Organic Generous Sustainable XtraStylish – the OGNX DNA. This Yoga Label was founded 2012 in Berlin and represents an attitude where a mindful position meets joy for fashion – OGNX is a brand for Yoga-Fans and for all who want to know which story a product tells. OGNX wants to create sports fashion in a modern, stylish and affordable way – sustainably produced, of course.