How to make your own organic natural cosmetic…

I don’t know about you guys, but I do ask myself quite often about the list of ingredients of my cosmetic products. Every time I buy products, I read the INCI, but I have to admit I don’t know all the expressions or words. So I was extremely happy when I read about Coscoon


The two founders – Aino and Sonja – create skin care products that are free from mineral oils, silicons, parabenes and without animal experiments and without genetic engineering.


CremeStein BoxCocoon sells among other products DIY boxes. You make your own cosmetics – even better! Because this way you are the one putting the ingredients together and you are immediately aware of what you apply on your skin a little while later. In these boxes you have organic raw materials of best quality and the exact amount that you need.  You receive as well instructions for the preparation as well as necessary accessories. So I started with CremeSteine first:


First you need to melt the bee’s wax in a bain-marie, then cut the different kinds of butter and add them all individually. I especially love the scent of bee’s wax in my apartment. After you have mixed everything together, fill the fluid into the forms, let it cool down and put it in the fridge for about 24h. Then you let them rest for about 4-5 days and voila – ready is your own self-made organic natural cosmetic.

Apply the CremeStein best after showering – it’s being used like a body lotion..


  • Content: Bio-Sheabutter, Mangobutter, Bio-coconut oil, natural bee’s wax and essential oils by Primavera (kba), beaker glas, silicon form, recipe,
  • Level: easy
  • Contains: 260g, 12 CremeSteine á 20g