Bio-Hotel Kenner’s Landlust im Wendeland

It’s 3 days before vacation starts, we are checking the weather for St. Peter Ording. Bad idea: it is supposed to rain the next 7 days. The original plan for these days: sleeping in the Bully on the camping site and enjoy camp-life for a week. We decide to go for plan B – problem: it doesn’t exist yet.

Well the solution is found on a travel platform for family vacation (Gosh, now that I am writing, are we really getting that …. no, I won’t say the word). Well, we find out about Biohotel Kenner’s Landlust and we get quite excited reading about organic food, ecological house construction, child care with guided tours through the forest….. bang, it’s booked and the day after tomorrow it is then.

So that was how we started our vacation… you guys wanna know how we liked it? Read on then 🙂

How we live is how we reside (Kenny und Barbara Kenner). And you can feel this during the stay in this beautiful house in the wonderful  Wendland in the eastern part of Niedersachsen.
The house was renovated from an ecological perspective, therefore only ecologically recommended construction material was used, natural material as far as possible and mostly painted with natural colors.


From my point of view one of the most important criteria. Kenners put booklets on all tables, describing the relationships to their suppliers and their companies. You can find any information, but as well stories on how they met the individual suppliers or how they founded their companies. Very nice idea!!

Mainly you eat vegetarian food in the Bio-Hotel Landlust. The start was fantastic and we were looking forward to the rest of the week. But in the course of the week you can tell that there is still room for improvement. But hey, where isn’t?

Breakfast was great with loads of good stuff: cooked eggs, bread, cheese, sausages, muesli, fruit…. for lunch it was soups and casseroles and for dinner salads, spread, vegetable etc.etc.

Very special is the tea kitchen: here the guests can take free Yogi Teas anytime, filter coffee…there is as well cookies and salty snacks or juices – everything organic. Every guest writes down what he/she takes and pays at departure.


The keyword at Kenner’s is: SLOW-DOWN. You really immediately decelerate within your first day here. Just sit and look into the garden… you don’t need more. When my sister called one day and told me about her work day, I am seriously surprised about all the things happening within just one day. Only then I realize how different life is here in Wendland.

The kids can spend their time at the big playground just behind the hotel. And all the Helicopter parents can watch their children from the terrace or the dining area. The garden is huge, but manageable and kids can jump around and discover without disturbing anyone.


IMG_5133Forest ranger Tatjana and her two ferrets discover the forest with the children from 3-12 years old. She organizes excursions into the forest, wolf-plays, explains the forest museum and discovers the forest labyrinth. An incredible nice woman. In case it rains, there are as well 2 playrooms in the hotel.

A special highlight for the kids is when Barbara Kenner reads to the kids. For about 45 minutes you don’t hear a word from them. Very surprising: our 3year old active child hardly moves in this time and enjoys the reading.


Family Kenner organizes trips to farms in the region and as well wolf excursions. Kenny Kenner is a voluntary wolf consultant for the state of Niedersachsen. And both he and his wife can tell in a fantastic way about the forest. He not only shares stories, but as well his knowledge. You hardly notice the time passing by.

Absolutely worth a trip!!


  • Food: Well, I personally would have liked a bit more variety for breakfast: a cake or brioche, scrumbled eggs or omelette would have been nice. Some days there wasn’t enough for everyone of one dish and the cook wouldn’t bring more of it, even after request. I found that quite odd! Fish and Meat was on the table only twice in this week – and then it was ox tongue ragout which wasn’t everyone’s favorite.
  • Rules: On our first day we got a lot of “Please don’t do that”: kids weren’t supposed to eat in the play rooms or drive their little strollers on the wooden floor. it would have been nice just to get a list with rules so that we know upfront.
  • Flexibility: One day it was raining heavily and we found the seminar room with the TV open. So we started to play a video for the 3 kids who stayed in the hotel at this time, but this didn’t go well and wasn’t appreciated by the Kenners at all. We on the other hand would have appreciated more flexibility.

But anyway, we enjoyed out stay very much and will definitely come back!!!