How to make your own soup seasoning – yeast free, sugar free, plastic free!

A couple of days ago, I ran out of soup seasoning. But by chance I found a post by Project Clean Eating, which is the blog of the German blogger Hannah Frey and in this post Hannah described how to make your own soup seasoning. I used to buy mine in an whole food shop, in glas. But there is always a plastic top with it. So I wanted to try to make my own soup seasoning, totally plastic free. And it worked 🙂 IMG_4921

So I started with shopping, totally plastic-free of course – Zucchini, Avocado and cauliflower weren’t part of the recipe though 🙂

I chose the dried Instant Soup Seasoning. It seemed to be the fastest and easiest to me. Advice: Try first, if you can open your oven’s door during the process. Mine stops immediately when you open the door -> meaning that moisture cannot escape. Therefore it takes longer to dry the vegetables.

Dried Instant Soup Seasoning – by Project Clean Eating (Hannah Frey)


  • 500 g vegetables and herbs (carrots, onions, spring onions, celeriac, parsnips – whatever you want to include…. )
  • 40 g salt


Wash vegetable and herbs, peel if wanted and then cut into cubes or rings. 

Put paper on 2 of your baking trays and spread the vegtables. Let them dry for about 90-120 Minutes at app. 75 – 80 °C. It took  about 180 for my oven to dry the vegetables.

Time depends on your oven model, temperature and on the size of the vegetables. If possible, let your oven stay open in order to let the moisture escape.

Then blend the dried vegetables with salt and mix it again for powdered soup seasoning. As my dicer’s knife is quite blunt at the moment, I couldn’t make powder. But looks nice as well, doesn’t it?  😉

This should last about a year. I think mine will last 1 month 😉