Thinking MU – Eco Fashion from Spain

Thinking MU stands for attitude – LIFE IS AN ATTITUDE is part of the mission statement. Life is about living, without limits.

Founded in? 

I got to know the label Thinking MU only after I left Barcelona. Bad luck. Next time I visit, I drop by. ‘Cause there is a Showroom in Barcelona, but as well in Madrid. The label was founded in Barcelona and the head quarter is located there as well.

Life is all about BALANCE #lifeisanattitude #red #shorts #whiteshirt #shirt #newarrivals

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Where to shop?

There is an online shop, but you can get Thinking MU clothes everywhere in the world, from Japan til USA. Just check out the list of shops here.


The founders mainly use organic cotton from India and Peru. The colors com from certified biodegradable Pigments and half of the production is being hold in natural white. During the whole production process Thinking MU tries to reduce the water consumption. And the clothes’  labels are made of recycled materials, of course.

To make it very clear: Everything that comes in contact with Thinking MU is supposed to be environmentally friendly and to help change the world.

Knit lovers! Shop @ #knit #organiccotton #newcollection

Ein von Thinking MU (@thinkingmu) gepostetes Foto am

New Arrivals. Shop @ #knit #organiccotton #newcollection

Ein von Thinking MU (@thinkingmu) gepostetes Foto am

Source: Thinking MU – Instagram