Ecoalf – 100% recylced

With the article about Barcelona I’ve started the Spanish week on my blog. So now it is time ro present you my favorite Spanish brands.

2 years ago I went to Madrid with my husband and my little daughter – we took the AVE from Barcelona, very nice trip, can only recommend it. Anyway, I had heard about Ecoalf shortly before this trip and really wanted to go and visit. So after a lousy night because the best of all daughters hadn’t slept at all, we walked through half the town to have a look at the  Flagship Store. And I was very impressed by it.

The Story

Ecoalf was founded in 2009 by Javier Goyeneche who wanted to start a fashion brand that was totally sustainable, made of recycled materials and which had a different way of dealing with our planet’s resources. But that wasn’t so easy as it sounds. At the time the market for recycled materials was quite small and mainly offered poor quality. Very often the percentage of recycled materials in the fabrics was very little. So new partnerships had to be started to develop materials. The goal: clothes and accessories that are totally made of recycled materials – WITHOUT looking like that.

The name Ecoalf actually comes from the initials from Javier’s son Alfredo and is a symbol for how new generations of fabrics and products should be like. A nice idea, isn’t it?

The materials 

Discarded fishernets, plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton and coffee grind become now Outdoor clothes, swim suits, sneakers and accessoires.

The jacket is more of a Spring & Autumn jacket and made of plastic bottles. The shoes are made of tires and the T-Shirt is an Ecoalf Shirt made of recycled cotton and recycled polyester.