Healthy Chocolate for your mama

So who celebrates Mother’s Day? Well, if you wanna celebrate and don’t have anything yet for your mama, there is something that you will like for sure – and your Mama as well :-)) Plus: it needs hardly any packaging and within a short time, the present will be gone. Hm, what could that be? Of course, delicious vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free pralines – Mom will love it 😉

The recipes are by gleem finest natural sweets – do you remember the latest article – the interview with Anna? It is not so easy to create these pretty, little things, BUT the good thing is: even if they don’t look that nice, they for sure taste delicious.  So PMA, Baby – Positive Mental Attitude 😉

Chocolate – rather simple 

100g cocoa (or 70g cocoa butter and 30g cocoa powder)
65g sweetness
5g hempseed or dried buckwheat       

Heat all ingredients to a max. 34°C and put this compound into small forms. Sounds easy, but isn’t. Attention: if the compound is above 34 degrees C, it becomes more solid instead of fluid. The final result won’t be that creamy, but that doesn’t harm the taste, only the visual appearance 😉  – happened to my first try which you can see below.

Chocolate-Caramel-Fudge – Advanced: 


20g coconut oil
20 g sweetness
180 g date paste
100 g chufas

20 g cocoa powder


1 g Salt
40 g Coconut Oil
50 g Sweetness
130 g Cashewpuree


40 g Sweetness
50 g Coconut Oil
30 g Cocoa powder

Add all ingredients for the base in a bowl and mix them. Put a thin base with a bit of a border in a small Brownie Form (ca. 4×4 cm). The ingredients for the Caramell are heated up and poured on the base. Then you spread the fluid chocolate on top. Put them in the fridge until the chocolate is solid. Then the Caramell-core is still fluid. What a joy!

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