An Interview with Anna Gliemer – founder of gleem Finest Natural Sweets

You guys ever had sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan patisserie? Well, it was my first time a couple of weeks ago, made by Gleem Finest Natural Sweets. How did it taste? Well, it was just delicious. I had a tarte, made of dates, coconut, courgette and much more – all raw! And I couldn’t stop eating. So last week I was in Hamburg for a workshop organized by Anna – gleem founder – to produce vegan, sugar- and gluten free pralines myself. And so I asked Anna Gliemer a couple of questions.

gleem is …. sugarfree. natural. gleem is pure joy for chocolate-fans who cannot or don’t want to eat everything.

the idea to gleem came ….. out of a personal necessity. I myself suffer from gluten- and lactose intolerance and don’t eat sugar. But I do have a sweet tooth, so I needed a healthy solution.

A rawnie is …. pure, vegan chocolate joy. And just as a brownie, but raw. But in reality a rawnie is much better than a usual brownie.

With natural finish patisserie I’d like …. to focus on the original, pure taste of every aliment. And set a sign that nutrition is precious and that we should think about it. And in addition I want to support all the farmers who do all the hard work for their own products.

Sustainability means from my point of view ….. to pay attention from where things come from – no matter if it’s food or something else. It means consciousness for myself and my environment.

In future gleem is …..supposed to be a grown-up company that fills the shelves everywhere in Germany, so that people who cannot or don’t want to eat everything can treat themselves with sweets again. I want Gleem to bring moments of joy and make the world a better one.

With the startnext-Crowdfunding campaign…I want to buy Patisserie tools,chocolate fridges and everything that I need for a professional production such as food safe and sustainable packaging and organic labels.

The campaign runs another 19 days on: