Voucher for Loveco Online Shop

So it’s this day again – April 24th. 3 years ago, a tragedy happened – the crash of Rana Plaza. About 1000 people died, many many got injured. And this happened although police had forbidden the entrance of the building the day before.

So I just read the article again that I posted last year in autumn – and it is still valid. I translated the article finally in English – just click here and you’ll get to read it.

It is so important to change our habits and reflect on our own consumer behavior every single day. So I’d like to invite you today to start the change now. Have you heard of Loveco? It is a Berlin-based company, founded in order to motivate people for Slow/Eco Fashion and to offer alternatives to the conventional fashion industry. As they want to reach out to non-Berlin based people, they relaunched their new Online Shop today. For one week, starting from today on, you get 5 Euros discount on your purchase – just use the voucher code alldaysaregreen and there you go.

Loveco Labels

You’ll find Jan ‘n June, Glimpse, bleed, dedicated, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Les racines du Ciel, recolution and many many more.


Loveco communicates in a very transparent way – you’ll find their criteria for the available labels, the consequences of “normal” fashion on the environment, the reasons for choosing their delivery company, packaging etc.

Online Guide

And then you’ll find an online guide on materials such as linen, tencel or organic cotton but as well about the different Eco seals, used by their labels.