Eco Fashion – my resume

Soooo, more than a year ago I decided to publish this blog. And of course Eco Fashion plays an important part on So, what’s my resume? Well, unfortunately at the moment I’m actually quite pissed and disappointed, so it won’t be a extremely positive report. Why? Because so many of my Slow Fashion clothes had to be fixed the past weeks, money wasn’t returned by online eco-shops after returning the parcels, money was withdrawn from my bank account, but the parcels never arrived…. To be honest: THAT IS JUST NOT OK. 

  1. First of all I do pay a higher price for Eco Fashion – sure, better working conditions for the employees and sustainable materials cost more. I was sure that the price is shown as well in better quality. Naive?
  2. It cannot be true that sustainable organic cotton clothes are being produced in such a way that they get holes after washing them twice. In my case I actually thought we had clothes moths. The washing machine was totally new, so this was definitely not the reason for the holes. Then I discovered that only certain shirts got holes: was it coincidence that they were all from this popular label form Cologne that start with double A? For most of you, it’s ringing now, isn’t it? I talked to a friend who had similar experiences: she bought 3 shirts from the same label. All of them got holes after washing them just a few times. One shirt was sent back to Cologne to the headquarter: the company’s response: the textile of the shirt is so thin that holes just happen. Seriously, that’s it?

    3. Another topic: seams! Two weeks ago, the seams of 2 Shirts and 1 Pullover came undone. Yeah, maybe it was the position of the moon or my karma. Right. Anyways. I looked at the seams and discovered that the companies just saved fabric. Sooner or later all seams had to come undone. And in addition it was just very badly sewed.

    4. Another topic: returns. I ordered shoes from a big eco online shop. Unfortunately I couldn’t see anywhere that the shoes were going to be sent by a company from another country. Well, they arrived, didn’t fit. So I had to send them back – only then I realized that I had to pay for the return parcel. Well, I sent the shoes back, didn’t receive the money back on my account. Only when I repeatedly asked for it, I was told that the company had forgotten to  announce the return. Quite unprofessional, don’t you think?

So, what can we do?

  1. Buy local – this reduces the trouble with Customer Services and pushes small local retailers. Better for the environment as well because there is no extra transport.
  2. When having bad experiences contact the label! Just because a label is an “Eco Fashion Label”, it doesn’t have immunity. It’s actually just the contrary. These labels should especially pay attention to keep high quality standards.
  3. @seams: they can be fixed. I spent half of an evening las week, sewing shirts and pullovers – watching TV at the same time. It shouldn’t happen, but to fix them is really no big deal.
  4. Well and if you are really angry because a company doesn’t reply to a complaint or what so ever: use Social Media and you will receive an answer all of a sudden.

So what are your experiences? Positive or negative? How do you handle them? Do you contact companies then?