Drinking my coffee capsule-free

Have you read the blog article about the product of the month February? I wrote about the refillable capsule made of stainless steel that fits into each Nespresso® Machine and can be filled with every ground coffee. I bought the capsule and tried it already. The result? Freshly brewed coffee, right 😉 

Before first using it, the capsule needs to be cleaned with hot water. Then a silicone ring will be pulled over the closed capsule. When this is done, you can easily fill the capsule with coffee. It’s best to use the capsule holder, dip it into your coffee box and then compress the coffee in the capsule. This needs to be repeated until the capsule is full with compressed coffee. Finally you close the capsule with the lid and put it into the Nespresso®-Machine. Expect some more resistance when pulling the arm of the machine towards you.

When I used the capsule the first time, I didn’t use enough coffee, so the result was very thin coffee. But you just need to take a few turns and figure out how much coffee you need – depending on how you’d like to drink your coffee.

Be careful when taking the capsule out of the machine – it will be hot. The capsule needs to be opened, the coffee removed and the capsule rinsed with water. And then the capsule is all set for the next coffee 🙂

So I can totally recommend it 🙂