Product of the month – Feb 2016


I don’t know if you guys read German news; in case you don’t: Approximately 8 billions of Nespresso capsules are thrown into the trash can every year. Incredible, isn’t it? So the city of Hamburg banished Nespresso capsules. Well, not the city, the administration, to be precise.

But there are innovative people who are thinking about technical solutions and so one of them is a clock maker from Switzerland (yeah, right – how could a clockmaker not be from Switzerland). And this man developed a capsule made of stainless steel which can be refilled. This small capsule is sustainable, a lot cheaper than the Nespresso one, fits into all Nespresso-Machines and can be filled with every ground coffee.

Produced is this little wonderful thing out of medical stainless steel, with exact drilling. No coffee rests will stay on the lock.

You can buy this wonderful capsule at, either single or in a Set. It’s already in my shopping cart 🙂