Product of the Month Jan 2016: Re-Sack by Made Sustained

Every week I try going grocery shopping on Thursday Afternoon. That’s when the market at Prinzenpark, Braunschweig, takes place and that’s when I can buy cucumbers that are NOT packed in plastic foil. That’s indeed something that drives¬†me crazy. Why are they always packed in plastic in the supermarket? I hope everyone is washing them before they eat them. Single apples are not packed in plastic, so why cucumbers? I saw a woman packing bananas in plastic the other day at the supermarket. What for? I don’t get it.

I guess you can tell that this is really something that makes me angry. But there is help ūüėČ I’ve discovered Made Sustained – a young and creative company which distributes sustainable and innovative products to the European market. In this way, Made Sustained wants to contribute to a growing sustainable society and reduce waste.

The product that I want¬†to talk about today is the socalled Re-Sack. Re-Sack reusable fruit¬†&¬†vegetables bags are perfect for carrying your¬†groceries from the supermarket to your home. Mushrooms are not rolling¬†around anymore in your tote bag, you don’t need to buy tomatoes in plastic, and the onions find a home as well. The organic cotton bags can be put directly in the¬†refrigerator, are¬†breathable and can be easily washed in the washing machine, on 30¬į celsius. And they are even GOTS-certified.

Source: Made Sustained

So, the best at last: because this is such a great product, you can win 3 Re-Sacks this¬†week in a Facebook Lottery.¬†So, stay tuned on Facebook.¬†If you don’t win, but want to get¬†Re-Sacks, you can find them in the Made Sustained Webshop.