My Visit at Berlin Ethical Fashion Show 2016

I went to Berlin Ethical Fashion Show this week and I was really excited to see how it’s like. So I took the Subway and drove to Berlin Ostbahnhof. When I got off the train to walk to the location I see a very trendy, stylish woman wearing a fur. She seems to walk the same direction as I do – and it comes to my mind that she for sure doesn’t go to the Ethical Show wearing a fur, right? Well, I  meet her again at the wardrobe, handing the fur to the lady collecting the coats. Interesting, I think.

There is still some time left before the presentation by Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow (Esmod Berlin) starts and so I start walking around. I see many known Slow Fashion labels such as Peopletree, Goodsociety, Beaumont Organic, Langmachen, Lovjoi and many others…. and there are many other new labels that I will be presenting this year on the blog.

What I like is the Outdoor Showcase which actually fits my past article about Outdoor Brands. It presents an insight into the state of art of the technology development of the outdoor fashion industry.  Bleed, Ecoalf, Navarpluma and Paramo are present, but as well Patagonia and The North Face.

Well, then it is already time for the presentation. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow leads the Master Sustainability in Fashion at Esmod Berlin and talks about the topic of paradigm change in fashion. First of all, I am very glad that she is NOT the lady in fur 😉

The presentation shows that it is not enough to just preach. We need to talk directly to the consumers, talk about quality, innovations and let design speak. What we need to reach is a “circular economy”:  that the used raw materials should be brought back completely into the production process via recycling, using waste products as secondary raw materials and use raw materials downwelling.


Source: Friederike von Wedel-Parlow.

Innovative Business-Models play an important role: such as Clothes Sharing and Leasing or Repair services (I will talk about this more in the next weeks). And we need to communicate the value of clothes again and turn away from the frivolous use of clothes. The goal: Positive Fashion.

Fr. von Wedel-Parlow:

“The human being needs to be in the center of our thoughts. We need to develop products and processes for a humane life. In everything what we do, not only in parts, but from a holistic point of view.”

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