How to make your own Shampoo

At the weekend I tested how to wash my hair with Natron. Ever done that before?
Well, I was quite skeptical before using it, but I was quite surprised by the result.IMG_0100
The hair is not greasy at all, it feels light and soft. It definitely brings the same effect as a shampoo, but without using chemistry. Plus the natron is packed in paper bags, so we totally avoid plastic. And I know what’s in it! Just natron and water. Nothing else that I pour into the environment.
What is natron? In Europe, natron is extracted of sodium chloride – meaning chloride is exchanged by carbonate. This is called the Solvay-Technique. (Quelle: Please be aware that natron is a common salt. Many dermatologists advise NOT to wash your hair with natron more than 1x/week because it dries out the skin. It seems to help to rinse your hair with lemon juice or cider vinegar afterwards. But please be careful: if your hair is colored, this might change the effect of the coloring.

How did I use it? I used app. 3 tea spoons natron IMG_0102with about 260ml warm water. I mixed it, applied it on my head and tried to massage this solution into my hair.  You might want to experiment with the amount of natron – if you use too much, it will dry your scalp.

What did I miss? What I do miss, is the scent. I like the scent of shampoos when I apply them. But maybe I could use some kind of natural oil? Any idea anyone?