Trash Trash Trash

So, back from X-mas and New Year’s break. I am full of energy, still without Internet in my apartment though. Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon…but anyway, I hope you guys had a good start in 2016? My family and I were walking through Brunswick’s biggest park on Jan 1st, when my little daughter said: “Mom, look, everything’s broken.” She was talking about the trash that was basically everywhere in the park. All the firecrackers lying around, broken bottles, trash, trash, trash. I was as well shocked how people started into this new year. And even today, 3 days later, it is still lying there….. no one cared on Dec 31st, people were just partying without thinking…. As this makes me really mad, I thought I need to repost these EveryDay-Resolutions I posted at the end of 2015. I guess we cannot hear them often enough.