What the Clima Conference in Paris has to do with my New Year’s resolutions and why this has an influence on my shower behavior….

So guys, the clima conference 2015 just took place in Paris. Big hype was there on Saturday when they revealed the results. I didn’t quite get that, to be honest. Here is a short summary: 

    • The goal is to limit temperature increases of our planet Earth by 1.5C to 2C, but without sanctions for those who won’t succeed. Aha.
    • The main problem is that the current goals of the single states are too low and will most probably result in a temperature rise of 3C. As the Paris Agreement does not order to change the clima protection plans immediately, the 1.5C goal is on a good way to be already lost. Jan Kowalzig from Oxfam, 14.12.2015: The European Union should better start immediately to improve its goal to reduce the emissions from 1990 until 2030 by 40%. If the goal is being realized in national legislation now, then it is fixed. Meaning the EU is the grave digger of the 1.5-degree-goal. Sounds as if we are already on a good way to lose the 1.5degrees-goal. congrats!
    • The word decarbonization – meaning the renunciation of energy sources containing CO2 – is by the way not even mentioned in the Paris Agreement. The current fossile fuels (Petroleum, Charcoal, gas) being used nowadays in high amounts are more or less carbonaceous – meaning that CO2 is being created during the burning process and hit CO2 is being pumped into the atmosphere. According to the predominant scientific opinion the increasing CO2-level in the atmosphere is leading to big climatic dangers. This is why the usage of these fossile fuels should be reduced as much as possible. And this is decarbonization. (source: https://www.energie-lexikon.info/dekarbonisierung.html)

It’s clear that we need to change something – at least for me it is clear. It is not enough to reduce the number of coal production sites. Oh my, why I am against coal production sites? Well, in general coal produces double the amount of emissions compared to gas, 6 times as much as solar energy, 40 times as much as wind power and 200 times as much as water energy. It might therefore be considered as quite recommendable changing to other energy sources that produce less CO2 AND at the same time reduce costs and emissions (Source: http://www.coolplanet2009.de)

But it is not only about the industry to change!! Every Human Being should consume only about 3kg CO2/day. The truth is that we are consuming way more. So every one of us should consider some changes in lifestyle. Yes, me as well – I am way too lazy sometimes and not consequent enough. So now is the time to change!

So I thought about what can I personally do to reduce the CO2 emissions. My logical consequence: SKIP NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS – I am anyway no big fan of them….. always too exhausting to find something new every year, don’t you think? I make it easier for me AND for you: From now on there will be EVERY DAY RESOLUTIONS. You find them below – each one helps you to improve your ecological foot print. Doesn’t that make you happy? One problem less to think about 😉 – so here we go! … ’cause EVERY DAY IS A GREEN DAY;-) CO2 REDUKTION._engl