Run wild with Wildling Shoes

Well, shoe shopping with children is definitely not my favorite thing to do. When they are small, they cannot tell if the shoe fits or not. When they get bigger, they accept the first shoe, just because they want to jump on the swing in the shop.

So therefore, I often go for online shopping and this time I came across Wildling shoes. The founders Anna and Ran founded their company in 2013 –  out of their own necessity. They moved from Israel to Germany and needed shoes for their 3 kids for autumn. But the kids were so used to running barefoot all day long so that they didn’t feel comfortable in any conventional shoe.

Out of this situation Anna – big fan of challenges – and Ran – Sports therapist, Coach and passionate Barefoot runner – created a totally new shoe concept: a shoe that protects the foot like a second skin, from injuries and weather conditions, but leaves the foot as well undisturbed, without pushing or holding back. Quite special seems to be the sole that is extremely flexible and soft which is what I’d want to my kid, but as well for myself.

Above all is the strong wish to bring kids into a  more direct contact with their environment again.

The minimal shoe concept allows for natural motion and restores kids’ joy in movement. Foot muscles get stronger, movements become bolder and more fluent and through the direct contact with the ground children regain confidence in their physical abilities.(Ran & Anna)


Wildling shoes offer 2 Models: 1 for spring and another 1 for winter. In addition you can choose between 2 different linings for the winter edition. By the way, the organic cotton lining is made at a traditional production site in Portugal that produces one of the finest flannel fabrics of the world and belongs to the Organic Trade Association.


Wildling Shoes uses mainly natural materials: such as organic cotton, natural rubber, hemp, moss, cork or bamboo. Materials with animal origin need to hold up to special criteria: eg. wool from landscape work projects, that would be thrown away otherwise.

All fabrics are produced in Germany and Europe. The upper part is made of traditional work fabrics (Denim work-wear) – in a German traditional factory, and is extra sturdy and abrasion-resistant.

The winter and transition models are finished with a water-repellent treatment (certified for GOTS textiles) and therefore Children’s feet should kept dry for a long time even when it is raining and are still breathable – seems to be the perfect alternative to leather shoes.


To shop these shoes online is quite easy. Anna and Ran created a fitkit that helps to measure the feet and order then the right size. Just print the measurement-plan, put your feet on the plan and order the corresponding size. If you are not sure regarding the sizes, you can as well print the inner soles and see if you need to change or keep the chosen size. The fitkit can be found  here. Oh, by the way, the shoes can be ordered until size 41 🙂 – so not for kids only :-). We will get 1 pair for my daughter and the other pair for myself is in the process of being produced. So more to come after the trial period 🙂

Source: Wildling Shoes