Sustainable shoes by EKN FOOTWEAR

Last week, I published a short article about chemical tanneries and its consequences on our environment and its inhabitants. The article below is therefore dedicated to a company that is focussing on producing sustainable options. 


EKN is producing shoes for men and women at a small production site near Porto in Portugal. Top Priorities are to offer high social standards to their employees, but as well the application of their clear guidelines for the recycling process of waste materials. It is important to mention that they use only leather which is free from chromium, further natural materials such as organic cotton and organic cork and that the cartons are made of recycled paper.  It’s self-explanatory that these principles are reflected in the office and shop.

EKN about itself: We recognise that sustainability is a journey and that there are always improvements to be made. Even the most sustainable leather creates a big drain on natural resources (it takes 80 tons of forage to feed just one cow) We are therefore investigating alternatives to leather for our future ranges, and have recently introduced a vegan, breathable and recycled microfibre.

Quelle: EKN Footwear